Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tricia Rose Readings

Happy sunny weekend, folks!

picture of Tricia RoseHere are the readings for this week by Dr. Tricia Rose, one of the most significant contemporary scholars on Black youth culture.  I recommend that you google her, and check out the other works she has authored as well.

The first is this short YouTube text that offers a great introductory context to issues of representation and Blackness, in the context of contemporary hip hop. It gives some history and makes an strong argument about race, class and gender.

The second one is a Q&A with Tricia Rose from TIME magazine.

Use both of these for your blog this week.

See you on Tuesday!

LB :)


  1. I dont think you have my blog, so here it is-brooke

  2. I actually loved this article

  3. i loved that there was a question and answer article portion for this assignment, i personally love questions and answers for any kind of school assignments -- gives you a completely different outlook on that specific topic, and it isn't all necessarily factual.