Sunday, April 14, 2013


The syllabus names this explicitly, but just wanted to remind you that the "readings" for this week are GLEE, the Fox television show.

Week #13:     Apr 16/18     Glee-ful Images of Teenagers
WATCH:       “Pilot” (2/19/09), “Never Been Kissed” (11/9/10) and “Furt” (11/23/10) 

                       of television series GLEE (see my blog for viewing tips)

You can find these on NETFLIX.  If you don't have an account you can get a free month by signing up so it will not cost you anything.  Or it will cost $7.99 for one month if you have been a member before. Or they are available for purchase on itunes as well for $1.99 each (3 episodes for under $6.00).

You blog post should analyze the episodes (which deal with LGBT bullying issues) using the texts we have read in class -- it is kind of like an extended media artifact!

Looking forward to talking about these in class this week!!

LB :)

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