Saturday, March 16, 2013

No reading this week....

Hi everyone.... hope you had a good break!

There is not reading assignment for 3/18, but we would like you to start thinking about your final project in this class.

The midterm project was designed to help you show us what you have learned up to this point and it focused on the ACADEMIC TEXTS as the center of the product, with media and digital tools surrounding it.

The final project is also a chance for you to show us what you know, but it will use a MEDIA TEXT as the center of the project, with the academic texts and digital tools surrounding it.

(In many ways, the final project is just an extended Media Artifact:  choose a text or media site about teenagers that appeals to you and spend some time analyzing how it teaches us about teenagers in relation to everything you have learned this semester.)

More details in class, but for now, just start brainstorming what kind of media text you want to choose.  Anything goes as long as it focuses on representations of teenagers. PLEASE POST YOUR IDEAS ON YOUR BLOG AS YOUR WRITING ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS WEEK.

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